TIP OF THE WEEK: Keyboard Shortcuts for Salesforce Lightning Experience

What to navigate around Salesforce faster? Keyboard shortcuts can make life easier and improve your productivity.

If you want to view all Lightning shortcuts in the Lightning experience – here’s how you can bring them up:

Windows Users: press CTRL + /


Mac Users: press Cmd + /

You will get a help menu like the one below giving you all the keyboard combinations and their actions.

Ponts to note:

  • Currently,  Lightning shortcuts are not customizable
  • Shortcuts are case insensitive –  Ctrl + s is same as Ctrl + S
  • Order of key pressing doesn’t matter for the shortcut to operate – Ctrl+Alt+A is same as Alt+Ctrl+A
  • Shortcut keys are supported on U.S. and U.K. keyboards
  • Shortcuts cannot be used on apps created in Salesforce classic

Please see here for the latest up-to-date list of Lightning shortcuts.