TIP OF THE WEEK: What are Salesforce Cheat Sheets?

Salesforce Cheat Sheets are concise, quick references to various Salesforce technologies – summarizing the most important aspects in a compact, searchable and printable forms.

These can become handy to refer to on the go.


Salesforce 1 Developer Cheatsheet

This is compiled with useful notes for building Salesforce mobile Apps, customizing them, adding Visualforce, lightning components, etc to extend the capabilities to achieve more.


Salesforce 1 Admin Cheatsheet

Provides Quick setup instructions, customization guide for Salesforce Mobile App.


Process Automation Cheatsheet

What Process Automation do I choose from the tools available in Salesforce? This got a comprehensive comparison chart of all of them in one place.


Salesforce formulas Cheatsheet

Provides essential ingredients for creating Salesforce formula expressions. Worth keeping bookmarked.


Apex code Cheatsheet

Developer’s quick reference with quick help for remembering what’s available in Apex. This would be a great asset for developer exams too.


Lightning components Cheatsheet

Would become handy when developing Lightning components.

Salesforce would add new cheat sheets to this collection with the evolution of the platform, as Salesforce embraces new technologies.



Keep the link bookmarked to find the latest list of cheat sheets here.