TIP OF THE WEEK: Salesforce Lightning Experience Readiness on Javascript Buttons and Links

Our tip this week is knowing what to do if your readiness report is displaying all “Green” for most of the components except for Javascript buttons and links in Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Question: Should I be concerned with this? Our feedback is Yes!

Ignoring these warnings will lead to buttons and links which were previously working in Classic no longer functioning when you switch to Lightning Experience. Javascript custom buttons and links are NOT supported, and therefore users will NOT have the capability of using them in the Lightning Experience.


How do I solve this?

Don’t fear! There are a set of recommendations or workarounds that will help resolve these warnings. Remember to identify what the buttons and links do and refer to the following guidelines from Salesforce:

If the button opens a list view using custom URL parameters, replace them with a Visualforce custom button. Else, create a Lightning component.
Create a Lightning component and give users access by:
Invoking access from a Lightning component action or
Use Lightning App Builder to add the Lightning component to a Lightning page.
Create a Lightning component. Add “force:hasRecordId” interface and <aura:attribute name=”recordId” type=”Id”/> attribute to obtain ID from the current object. Then set up a Lightning component action so users can access it.

Check out the Lightning Alternatives to JavaScript Buttons to identify an alternative.


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