Tips: Integrating with Dynamics GP and Salesforce

Integrating Salesforce with Dynamics GP can be a bit of a challenge.  The added complexity of eConnect can make the architecture and diagnosing issues time consuming.


Here’s some tips when thinking about integrating these two systems:

  • What invoicing module is the customer using in Dynamics GP, ie Project, Invoice, SOP
  • Is the customer already running eConnect, if so what version?
  • Does the customer require bi-directional Account synchronization, will one system be the master?
  • Does the customer want inventory information to be synchronized to Salesforce?
  • Does the customer have multiple sites with inventory, if so, how will this be catered for in Salesforce?
  • Is the customer using multi-currency for invoicing?
  • Does the customer require invoice payment information in Salesforce, if so, how will this be retrieved efficiently?
  • What type of Item pricing is the customer using in Dynamics GP?
  • What information from the Dynamics GP Item Price Lists needs to be synchronized to Salesforce?
  • Can Dynamics GP be the master for Items/Products?
  • How will the integration handle void or deleted invoices or credit notes?


Lot’s to think about.  This is definitely an integration that benefits from knowledge of the customer’s configuration in both systems and their use-case before embarking on building out any solution.