Top 10 Features of a Modern Student Management System

The first question you probably have is what is a Student Management System (SMS)? Consider it a central and essential management system for Higher Education Providers (Universities and Colleges). Majority of the population have become reliant on the need to access information on the go; Students, Lecturers and Administrative staff are no different. No one enjoys wasting precious time searching through a variety of channels for information. Any modern Student Management System should facilitate these requirements using the below key features:

Features Definition 
Applications & Recruitment Student management system should allow strong connections to be built with prospects from lead to closed-won.
Timetabling/Resource Planner Provide a clear overview of timetables and scheduling for students, staff, and locations. Avoiding conflicts and assisting in forward planning.
Student 360 Degree View Visibility of all interactions with students from start to finish.
Fees, Scholarship and Funding Minimize delays in application processing by collecting and reporting appropriate eligibility criteria.
Student Community Facilitate student engagement with their peers and tutors. Allowing students to view personal details, schedules, academic results and more.
Faculty Community Provide academic staff with a portal to access their schedule, manage student grades & attendance and review their personal details.
Compliance Reporting Reporting to relevant legislative bodies within region specific reporting native.
Course Administration Manage, create, view and update courses.
Manage Sessions and Attendance Track and record attendance.
Location Management Provide facilities to define rooms/locations.


Why is Student Management Systems important to us? Currently, we have the ability to custom Salesforce1 platform solutions, as well as integrating Salesforce with a range of systems (on-premise and in the cloud). Our expertise has seen us use our skills to customise the Salesforce1 platform and build on top of their Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA). Thus RIO Education was created, a modern SMS that caters to Higher Education providers and offers the above features and more.