Tracking Overseas Student Attendance in Salesforce Student Information System

Registered education providers that accept overseas students are under obligations to monitor their progress. This is to ensure they have the ability to complete courses within expected timelines specified on the CoE. This is part of the CRICOS processes and requirements.

To achieve this, they’ll need a proper mechanism to track student attendance. They’ll also need to run reports to review student attendances, to allow them to bring attention to those on the verge of failing the attendance requirements.

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Attendance Report

Below is a sample of the attendance report, listing all the student attendances for a single unit.


The unit has a requirement of the following:

  • No. of Sessions: 15
  • Minimum Attendance: 80% of the 15 sessions (which is 12)


The sample attendance report indicates the:

  • Total number of student attendance till date (Attendance Count),
  • Total number of attendances the student still needs to attend (Minimum Session to Attend)
  • Total number of attendance the student can miss in the coming future (Missed Attendance Allowed).


Attendance Requirements NOT Met  



Going to miss the attendance requirements.



Satisfactory attendance – ongoing.



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