Tracking Student Fees in Salesforce SIS

Part of the student admission process involves student fees. Tracking fees generated from the student enrollments is not an easy task, especially when it involves a huge number of students.


You will need to go through all the fees incurred to the students and how much has been reconciled till date. Only when the outstanding fees are identified, you can follow up with the related student for further actions.


RIO Education has a built-in automation that generates student fees on student enrollment. It also provides you with a model that you can use to track any incoming payments. For example, you can set up an integration process to sync the payment details over from an external system.


Now that both student fee and payment are automated, how can you use them for reporting? Simple, create your own report in Salesforce!


Outstanding Report


Additional Features by Salesforce

Want an alert for students with outstanding fee payments? You can utilise Salesforce’s Campaign and Send List Email features. By simply using the results from the above report and including the students into a campaign for mass mail out.


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