Trailhead “App Customization Specialist” Superbadge

Bringing your skills together


The “App Customization Specialist” Superbadge is a great option for you to bring your Salesforce Admin and Lightning skills together.  This Superbadge includes some of the standard System Administrator basics, with a Business Analysis requirement, and the opportunity to put those Lightning skills to use.


Some of the skills you’ll get to test out are:

  • Project Management and Business Analysis – understanding the requirements and mapping out the org from the Use Cases
  • Working with Custom Objects, including building custom fields, tabs, formulas, etc
  • Linking Objects via Relationship fields, such as Master-Detail and Rollup summary fields
  • Automating processes, including using Process Builder and setting up an Approval Processes
  • Lightning-specific skills, such as setting up a Lightning App and building Lightning App Pages
  • Reviewing the data, including setting up Reports and Dashboards (and using Lightning Tables)
  • User Management, including Permission Sets
  • Testing – the importance of having the right data and checking in at each step


The great part about this Superbadge is there is plenty of moments that require so heavy thinking on your part to get through it. This makes the completion of the Superbadge, that much more rewarding.

The Superbadges are all designed to help you apply skills you’ve accumulated through your work and completing Trails, by giving you a “real-life scenario” and checking to see how you tackle it.

If you’re a keen Salesforce User and want to have a go at setting up a new org for a specific business case, why not try the App Customization Specialist Superbadge out today?