Transcripts and Grading Readily Available for Students On The Go

Peter is currently enrolled at RIO University. He is loving the freedom that being at University gives him. He hopes that his University also has an application that gives him the same freedom. What Peter wants is the ability to submit any support documents for his application, view his grading and when have the ability to change his selected major if required.


Thanking his lucky stars, Peter is so grateful that RIO University is already using RIO Education for Salesforce. RIO Education offers a Student Community, where students have access to all sorts of features to make their application process a breeze. Most importantly, RIO Education targets Peters request by:

  • Offering My Transcript in Peter’s Student Community – Here he can view his enrollment and add any notes and attachments required
  • Offering My Programs – Which will allow Peter the ability to view his Major and/or Minor. He’ll also have the ability to change these if required
  • Allowing Peter to view his Results in his Student Community for all his subjects