Salesforce “HEDA” becomes “EDA” and What This Means For RIO Education

Salesforce has made an announcement! HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture) will form the foundation of the Education Cloud. The resulting expansion is now known as EDA (Education Data Architecture).  This is great news for Kindergarten to High Schools and beyond. This will enhance the functionality for all Higher Education Providers.


RIO Education moves with the times

Our ever-evolving RIO Education, is being updated to be even more powerful than before.  Here at WDCi we’re ensuring that RIO Education functionality remains compatible with the EDA Framework. This is to ensure our customers continue to take advantage of Salesforce and AppExchange.  Some of these updates include new and exciting features such as:

  • Auto Enrollment
  • Online applications
  • Student Attrition reporting
  • Faculty Accreditation
  • Fee Management
  • Automated Student Communications and Templates
  • Student Self Help
  • Student and Staff Single Sign-On

Want to know more about these exciting features?  Check out the RIO Education Blogs for all our updates.