Use Charles Proxy to capture Boomi Atom’s activities

In this blog, we will talk about how to configure Charles Proxy to listen on the activity of Boomi atom for troubleshooting purposes. I’ll use the Salesforce connector as an example.


Let split this into 2 steps:
1. Set up the Charles Proxy with the Boomi Local Atom.
2. Configure SSL in Charles Proxy.


Step 1: Charles Proxy with Boomi Local Atom

First, find out your local atom directory and go to bin folder.



Second, insert those line into the .vmoptions files.




Once you have done that, you have to restart the atom in order for the changes to take effect.


Step 2: Configure SSL in Charles Proxy

In order to enable SSL, you need to navigate to the “Proxy -> Proxy Setting -> SSL“. You should see something similar to figure 3.



Then, you need to add new location with the following information:
– Host: *
– Post: 443


Yup, now Charles Proxy is ready to capture the activities in your Boomi Atom.