Use Salesforce Platform Events to update your LMS

Have you ever wanted to leverage your Student Information System (SIS) with the ability to send information to other systems automatically and instantly?
RIO Education along with the Salesforce’s out-of-box feature,  Platform Events, makes it possible.

Platform Events is an event-driven feature which sends out an event message when a certain event is triggered in Salesforce, the event message will be sent to the subscriber (system outside of Salesforce) automatically.

The Platform Events feature provides a lot of flexibility in implementation:

  • Unlike your typical system event triggers which are pre-defined and un-customisable, you can define how the event can be triggered.
  • The event message payload is customisable so you don’t have to worry about too many or too little data being presented.
Here’s an example, a student updates his/her contact phone number in RIO Education SIS. The change will be automatically triggered via the Platform Events and notifies the ERP/Accounting System and Learning Management System (LMS). 
Contact us today and let us show you how it’s done.