Tips: Want to integrate your applications, don’t know where to start?

Need to integrate some systems for your business?  Not sure how much it will cost or where to start?


Our integration planning guide has some information on how to plan your integration.  Maybe you want to get a quote before you plan, to determine your ROI and decide if you want to take it further.


How do you go about that?  What information do you need to provide a company like WDCi to enable them to give you a quote for your integration?

The key is in describing your use-case(s) and your business objective(s).


Here are some simple tips:

1. Describe your business process that you want automated – avoid any technical ideas or data level detail (that can come later).  Some simple business processes (use-cases) might be:

  • When I change my Sales Opportunity to closed/won, I’d like an invoice to be created automatically in my financial system. When the invoice is paid, I’d like visibility of that payment in my sales system OR
  • When I add certain tasks to my projects (in my project management system), I’d like these tasks to generate bug issues in my issue tracking system.  When the bugs are updated or completed, I’d like those updates to be reflected back in the project management tool – providing visibility to the PM. OR
  • I need to synchronise my Customer data across our CRM, ERP and Sales Automation systems.  When a Customer is updated in one of them, I want that information to be reflected in the other two systems.


2. If you understand the process flow and sequence of events, draw that up, it will help you flesh out how it really works.  Your drawing could be just a few simple boxes and arrows, as long as it describes the flow you expect.   If you don’t understand the flow, focus on the high level detail of describing the process in plain language.


3. Identify the systems you want integrated, what version are you running?


4. Contact us

If you focus on the applications involved and the business process you want to automate between these applications – we’ll take it from there, work with you and provide a quick quote for your review.