Ward applies smarts to maximise customer relationships


Ward is a multi-disciplined and full-service civil & environmental engineering contractor. Ward has been in business for over 40 years and it has offices in Sydney and Newcastle and a workforce in excess of 150 people.
The capabilities that Ward offers to its clients include all aspects of excavation, civil engineering construction, and remediation.



Wards marketplace has long lead times for projects that can often exceed 12 months to be awarded, and require lots of resources to engage.  This places an expectation on the team at Ward to maximise every customer engagement, and have a 360-degree view of interactions.  In this environment, the Ward team were facing the following challenges:

• Multiple internal teams and external stakeholders
• Double handling data for reporting purposes
• Inability to see a 360-degree view of customer interaction
• Valuable contact information held in personal MS Outlook contacts
• Manual collaboration on accounts, contacts, and opportunities



Ward is a new user of the Salesforce Platform, the key objectives for WDCi in the design were collaboration for the internal team and provide management with better visibility.
Ward choose WDCi as their partner to design and implement the solution due to our extensive experience with Salesforce and proven ability to deliver robust solutions.

The key elements of the solution were:
• Built on the Salesforce lightning interface – the solution is customised to address Wards specific needs
• Disparate data being held in personal .pst files was consolidated and mass migrated into Salesforce
• Highly customised and interactive reports were developed to provide management with real-time data and eliminate double handling
• Salesforce Chatter used as a collaboration tool across the company
• The Salesforce lightning for outlook connect was utilised to capture email communication from Outlook 365



• Clear visibility of Opportunity and tender stages cross entire organisation
• Pipeline management streamlined – with uniformed reporting of all key metrics
• Collaboration across all aspects of the customer experience
• The team at Ward have more time to develop close customer relationships



“I wanted a solution which was simple for the Ward team to adopt, but also addressed the needs we had from a collaboration and management perspective. I am pleased to say that WDCi and Salesforce have delivered on my expectations” – Julia Ward – CEO