WDCI Attends The 2019 TCSI Roadshow

We recently attended the 2019 TCSI Roadshow in Brisbane and thought we would share some key points.



  1. TCSI team is not (and is not planning on) providing direct access for developers to test in.
  2. Both the USI and CHESSN will not be made as TCSI’s identifier. They will just be values required for reporting. TCSI will utilise its own student identifier.
  3. Education providers can continue submitting data through the old system (HEIMS). However, the data will be ported directly to TCSI for verification and processing. TCSI Analytics will be provided for data visibility. Note: once an education provider uses TCSI for data submission,  the education provider will not be able to revert back to other upload means.
  4. If an education provider uses the template to submit the data, only data that is changed will be updated.



  1. The TCSI project is currently in Phase 2, which started 1st Aug 2019. It will transition to Phase 3 early December 2019.
  2. The CHESSN webservices will be available from January 2020.
  3. PRODA will allow submission of data around the end of January 2020.
  4. Vet Student Loan (VSL) will go-live at the beginning of Feb 2020 (no safe mode). For early adopters, they will benefit from more support from TCSI team to transition.
  5. Higher education providers go-live does have safe mode –  with a time buffer information sent to ATO. The providers can modify the time.
  6. Full TCSI implementation will be approximately by May 2020.


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