WDCi KL Team Invaded Redang Island

Easter Break for our Kuala Lumpur team was spent bonding as a team and invading the Redang Island located in East Coast Malaysia. Redang Island is approximately 7 hours drive away and then a 1 and a half hour boat ride from our Kuala Lumpur office. Thought the travel time might sound exhausting, our team was ecstatic and ready for the adventure! Whilst there the team enjoy heaps of beach activities, went snorkelling and even enjoyed some island hopping and jungle tracking too!


Curious to see how our team survived a trek through the jungle? Check out their route here.

Redang Island had some much to offer us including jungle treks and beach activities. It really was a great place to bond as a team over Easter.

Here are some amazing photos were taken by some of our colleagues. No these photos have not been edited, Redang Island is simply this perfect!