WeDid: Booker Appointment and Twilio SMS Integration



The Customer tracks their clinic appointments via the Booker application and wants to send confirmation via SMS to clients who’ve made appointments with their respective clinic. Their clients are given the opportunity to confirm/cancel appointments through the SMS they receive. Twilio is the engine that is used to send outbound SMS and capture incoming SMS from their clients. The Customer wants to automate this process whereby 2 days prior to the actual appointment date, an SMS will be sent out and allow the customer to respond.



Purpose Automate outbound SMS to the clients who have made clinic appointments and allow the clients to confirm/cancel via SMS reply
Applications Booker
Salesforce (As Cross Reference)
Versions Cloud applications
Tool Boomi
Information Booker Appointments > Create/Update > Salesforce Appointments (Custom Object)
Salesforce Appointments (Custom Object) > Send Outbound SMS > Twilio
Twilio > Inbound SMS > Booker Appointment’s Status and Notes
Data Formats JSON and XML
Volumes ~8000/day
Process Salesforce will be populated with appointment information coming from Booker daily. At a specific time, the appointment records already stored in Salesforce will be scheduled to send outbound SMS to clients.

When clients reply, the SMS content will be stored into Booker Appointment Notes as an audit trail and the appointment in Booker will be marked as confirmed/cancelled depending on customer’s inbound SMS content (i.e. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’).

Schedule Daily
Complexity Complex