We Did: Cloning Salesforce Using the Force.com Migration Tool


WDCi recently helped a customer who had an existing Salesforce organisation dedicated to strategic teams and business’. This customer purchased another new Salesforce organisation to cater┬áto the consulting team. The challenge was that this new organisation needed to be available immediately for use. Functionality for this organisation needed to be almost identical to the existing Salesforce instance. It would not be exactly the same as any third party apps in place in the existing Salesforce would not be used in the new instance.



Firstly the optimal path needed to identify the functionality needed for the parent organisation and the new requirements.

From the stakeholder discussions, it was then decided to perform an exact clone of the existing organisation to the new organisation, which would ultimately speed up the process. The Salesforce Force.com migration tool was used to migrate all the related components over to the new organisation. Some manual component cross-checking was required.

The company is now able to quickly use their Salesforce and enter customer data without affecting operations.


Related Objects All objects and custom objects
Components All components besides 3rd party apps
Force.com Migration Tool
Complexity Medium