We Did: Customer Data Migration and Deduplication


This customer offers a range of beauty and self-care products and services. The customer is using a 3rd party system to track the information of walk-in clients across the country. All of the clientele information is stored in a single system. This system requires human input which unfortunately leads to a lot of data duplication. In order to support their upcoming telemarketing campaign, the customer is looking for a better system to store and clean up their data.



The customer is planning on using Salesforce for their campaign marketing purposes. We have implemented the following:

  • A custom object to store client information exported from 3rd party systems temporarily
  • Created a duplicate and matching rule (8 combinations) against the custom object for deduplication purposes
  • A simple integration process to consolidate duplicate records found as a unique contact


Additional Info

Related Objects Account, Contact and Customer (Custom Object)
Components Salesforce Data Loader, Duplicate Rule and Matching Rule
# of records ~1 million
Complexity Moderate