We Did: Salesforce and JIM2 Integration

The customer has been managing quotes and sales orders through their ERP system, JIM2 plus uses Salesforce to capture incoming leads (for example via website) as well as closed won deals for analysis and reporting purposes. Salesforce is being used as a platform to manage customers as well as sales activities for the specific account. As such it is essential to ensure that both the customer and sales data are in-synced between the two the systems.


  1. Reporting on product performance was not possible.
  2. A rounded view of the customer was not available.
  3. Overall financial reporting was a difficult manual task.


JIM2 expert proposed integrating between Salesforce and JIM2 through a staging table where JIM2 is able to feed actual information required to and from the staging table.

Purpose To keep the customer and sales data in-synced between Salesforce and JIM2
Applications JIM2
Tool Talend
Information Cardfile (JIM2) and Account (Salesforce) sync bidirectionally
Contact (JIM2) and Contact (Salesforce) sync bidirectionally
Stock (JIM2) being the master record will be synced to Product (Salesforce)
Quote and Sales Order from JIM2 syncs into Opportunity (Salesforce)
Data Formats Database and XML
Volumes ~100/day
Schedule Minutes
Complexity Medium