WeDid: Salesforce Data Migration and Integration with HubSpot


This customer is currently in the IT market helping other businesses with their software deployment plan. HubSpot is the main system that is used throughout the years to track marketing prospects, qualify leads and also sales. The Data now needs to be contained between two systems – HubSpot and Salesforce- as opportunity will now be created in the latter. Salesforce will be used for CRM built functionality e.g. activity, sales tracking and reporting whereas HubSpot will continue to serve as the marketing platform.

The challenges encountered during this ordeal:

  • Data needs to be mapped according to the data structure of both systems
  • Salesforce system to enforce duplicate management to prevent duplicates of data
  • Record assignment needs to be routed dynamically
  • Multi-currency capability as only 1 system supports multi-currency



A combination of different components were used to complete the integration and migration solution.

  • ETL tool was used to utilise necessary transformation before it can be migrated to Salesforce
  • The product, multi-currency and lead routing automation needed to be created to standardise the use of the same convention and the information is reflected in both systems
  • Introduce processes to track original audit fields and at the same time new records will be tracked in current time


Related Objects Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, Activity
Components Apex Class, Lead Assignment Rules, ETL, HubSpot Connector
Complexity Complex