WeDid: Using Boomi to connect zipMoney and NetSuite Integration


One of our clients currently has an online store which is offering zipMoney as a form of payment.  The process involved was very manual and laborious it required that the payment from a customer be manually tracked in ZipMoney to determine if a payment had been successful – before proceeding.  After determining the status of the payment, the next step is to manually update the accounting system NetSuite.

This whole process between order placement and payment has become very time-consuming, mainly due to the uncertainty around the order status in ZipMoney. Below is our solution.



Purpose Perform order checkout to zipMoney to process payment and sync zipMoney application and payment status to NetSuite when certain events are triggered.
Tool Boomi
zipMoney Customer Application > Create/Update > NetSuite Customer
NetSuite Order > Checkout > zipMoney Order
zipMoney Order > Update > NetSuite Order
Data Formats JSON & XML
Volumes ~100/day
When a customer registers an account in zipMoney, the application will be stored in NetSuite.
When the customer makes an order from the online store and payment via zipMoney, this will perform an order checkout to zipMoney for the particular order.
When the customer approves the payment, this will then update NetSuite indicating the order is successfully paid.
Schedule Real-time
Complexity Medium