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We are now 100% focused on RIO Education, implementing for our customers and supporting our partners. How we do that is through our services expertise.


Cloud Integration

We do integration and we do it fast.
Our background is in integration, we know how to connect systems using many different technologies.  We offer RIO Connect with prebuilt integrations for our RIO Education customers.


Rapid Data Migration

At WDCi we know how to extract, transform and migrate data.
Migrating from one SIS to another takes expertise.  We've got it covered with the knowledge and a range of tools to ensure your student data is succesfully migrated.


RIO Education implementation and customisation

At WDCi we live and breathe Salesforce.  We use it for our own business, we knows it's value and we know what it can do for you.  

Talk to us about getting RIO Education up and going.


Consulting, architecture and design for a successful Student, Staff and Faculty experience

At WDCi we offer specialist consulting in the following areas:

  • Integration between RIO, LMS, Finance, HR&Payroll and any 3rd party system
  • Architecture and Design of a successful end-end solution for your institution
  • Co-existence strategies for existing SIS and other systems
  • Upgrading your RIO solution

Managed Services

We understand that implementing the solution is only half the answer.

You need to know your solution is working and you don’t want to diagnose and fix any issues yourself.
This is why we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to support your RIO Education solution.


Get in touch today to see how we can help you.