WeDid: Approval Escalation


This customer provides a biotechnology product that they developed as well as selling their products.

This customer has been using Salesforce for quoting purposes for many years. Their users utilize a custom quoting feature (Developed previously by WDCi) to search for products, prices and creating quotes. For further enhancing of their quoting feature, this company has re-engaged WDCi to help include approval process with escalation functionality.

Salesforce has limitations on their approval process, the bypass these evident customisations are required to handle the escalation use cases. The escalation functionality will greatly assist in improving the whole approval process.



WDCi were able to offer up our expert solution starting with:

  1. Analysing the existing approval functionality in Salesforce – that includes reviewing all the relevant settings and workarounds.
  2. Identify the possible approach to handle the escalation use cases.
  3. Introduced custom objects and fields for escalation purposes.
  4. Developed new Apex codes to calculate escalation dates – based on business hours and days.
  5. Developed new Apex codes to create escalated approvals.
Related Objects Quote
Components Custom Objects and Fields, Apex Classes and Visualforce pages, Approval Process
Complexity Medium