WeDid: Aprimo and FTP Integration


The client have challenges to maintain information between the two instances Aprimo and the company’s document management system (DMS). An alternative option is require to manage information flow between these two instances. An integration process to synchronize records between Aprimo and Nexus FTP (a File Transfer Protocol server for the target DMS) is the option decided moving forward




Purpose End-user has a client that requested translation services, ie documents translated. Documents to be translated are attached to an object in Aprimo. These documents need to be exported (along with Activity data) to a zipped file structure for upload to FTP site.
Applications Aprimo
Versions Aprimo Online
Nexus FTP
Tool Dell Boomi Atmosphere
Information Aprimo Digital Asset <> FTP Zipped File
Data Formats XML
Volumes 100/day (~500MB per file)
Process The process queries for Digital Asset in Aprimo and zips them in a file before sending to the FTP.
The process will pick up any translated documents from the FTP and update the related Aprimo Digital Asset accordingly.
Schedule Every 30 minutes
Complexity Complex