WeDid: Automated Record Link


Certain products that are up for sale require product activation code. In Salesforce, a custom object is created to store all the product activation code records. Whenever an opportunity is closed won, the opportunity products should be assigned with activation codes and details. This can then be generated out in PDF form and sent to customers. There are a series of filters and criteria involved when it comes to assigning the right activation codes to the right opportunity products and this process is currently being handled manually. User will have to eyeball both the opportunity products and activation codes to link them appropriately. It is pretty time consuming when you have to manually assign these activation codes to the opportunity products when the list is long (e.g. 10 products and above).



We have implemented Visualforce page and Apex classes and to do the following:

1. Page to list out all the opportunity products that require product activation codes (exclude the product that do not require activation codes).

2. Apex class to search for available product activation codes from a different object based on specific criteria.

3. Apex class to link both the opportunity product and the product activation code together and populate relevant product activation code data to product and vice versa.


Related Objects Custom Objects
Components Apex Classes, Visualforce Page
Complexity Medium