WeDid: Automated Update


The customer provides licenses and services on an annual basis.

The service contracts are tracked as a Salesforce Opportunity (Parent) and any renewal subscriptions are tracked within an Opportunity that is linked to the Service Contract Opportunity, referred to as a Sub-Opportunity.

A Close Date is inserted for all new contracts (Parent Opportunity) and the subsequent renewal subscriptions (Sub-Opportunity) will have a two months window service period after the Close Date. The service product selected for the contract Parent Opportunity should be also reflected in the renewal subscriptions, Sub-Opportunities.

Before a Parent Opportunity is Closed  Won, any changes to the Close Date or Opportunity product will result in:

  • updated Close Date on the Sub-Opportunities
  • updated Products for all Sub-Opportunities

Handling this manually consumed a lot of time and also produced many errors in the Sub-Opportunities.




Related Objects Opportunity
Components Apex Trigger
Complexity Moderate