WeDid: Callista and Pearson Integration


The client was running the Callista Student Management System and they needed the ability to provision student enrolment information to the Pearson Learning Studio system. 




Purpose Query/lookup for Student enrolment information and upsert records into Pearson Learning Studio
Applications Callista Student Information System
Pearson Learning Studio
Versions Callista On-Premise
Pearson Online
Tool Dell Boomi Atmosphere
Information Pearson Course Information > Callista Student Enrolment Information
Callista Student Enrolment > Pearson Web Services
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~1000/day
Process The process queries the Course Information in Pearson and it then performs a lookup in Callista for matching Student Enrolment records. These enrolment records are converted to Flat Files / XML so it can be synchronized with Pearson accordingly.
Schedule Every 15 minutes
Complexity High