WeDid: Certification Automation


This company is a global education organisation that provides vast learning programs.
This customer has been using Salesforce for several years to track student information including student certification details. During the years of using Salesforce, their instance has seen mass customizations over time, mainly due to automating the student certification process. The requirement for WDCi was to enhance the customers existing customizations to ensure robustness in the solution. The solution involves:
  1. Checking the students’ eligibility before obtaining the relevant certifications for enrolled programs. Why? To ensure that students have met all the pre-requisites required for enrolled programs, and ability to obtain relevant certifications.
  2. Checking students results that determine the certification of enrolled programs. This is to ensure that the students have met the passing marks of the programs they have enrolled in. This is for the ability to obtain the relevant certifications.
  3. Avoid duplicate certifications for similar programs. This is to ensure that the student will not be allocated with duplicate certifications from any programs of the same stream they have been certified in previously.

The enhancements would:

  1. Improve the existing codes – Optimised code structure and process.
  2. Eliminate the manual tasks of checking for any outstanding Program pre-requisites for students obtaining certificates.
  3. Automatically allocate certificates once all the required criteria of the Programs for the Students are met.



WDCi were able to offer up our expert solution starting with:

  1. Analysing the existing solution – that includes reviewing all the relevant existing codes.
  2. Identify the components to be updated or decommissioned.
  3. Introduced custom objects and fields to hold additional information for the enhanced solution.
  4. Developed new Apex codes to check for pre-requisites, results and duplication certifications.
  5. Data migration to update existing records so that the data will work on the enhanced solution.
Related Objects Existing Custom objects
Components Apex, Custom Objects and Custom Fields
Complexity Complex