WeDid: Contact to Update Own Information Externally


The company send newsletters to their clients based on the topic they subscribed. From time to time, in order to get the latest update from their client. They will need to send a paper form to the clients. Once the clients update the topics, the admin can then arrange for the newsletter.
Limitation of this system:
  • Current selections of the client is not shown in the form
  • The process is manual and tedious. When the form is submitted, the admin will need to key in the data manually into Salesforce.



  • We have created a flow like below:
    1. The admin will select the target audiences and perform a mass email
    2. Each contact (client) will receive a personalised form with their existing selections of topic
    3. Once the form is updated, the information will be updated into Salesforce


Related Objects Leads and Contacts
Components Email Template, Form Engine
Complexity Moderate