WeDid: CSV Upload to SmartTurn


The current business process is manual, involving re-keying of data and the opportunity to make mistakes in the process. Daily sales orders need to be automatically entered to the Customer’s warehousing system, SmartTurn. The customer can generate a CSV file containing the orders but needed an integration solution to updating their warehouse system automatically.




Purpose Develop an automatic integration to create sales orders in SmartTurn from the transactions contained in the CSV files.
Applications SmartTurn
Versions SmartTurn
Tool Disk Connector, SmartTurn Connector, Mail Connector
Information CSV Data > Sales Order
Data Formats CSV File Format
Volumes ~ 1000 transactions
Process When the CSV files are uploaded all the fields are validated and a sales order will be created in SmartTurn.
Schedule Hourly
Error Handling Email to nominated contact at the client for:

  1. non-existing items
  2. error in creating a sales order
  3. success in creating a sales order
Complexity Simple