WeDid: Custom Asset Servicing Process


This company provides energy storage solutions, devices and maintenance and they are currently looking for a solution that will be able to handle the following:

  1. Tracking of installed devices at their end users’ sites. Currently,  all important details including serial numbers, installation locations, installation dates and statuses are being kept in a spreadsheet.
  2. Tracking of batch fixes status i.e. device Engineering Change Notice (ECN) – a mechanism for the user to report on pending ECNs for fixes that are yet to be applied. This is crucial as the fixes are not solely done by the company but also by external parties.
  3. Serial device replacement process which goes through the serial number allocation and dispatch flow.


The 3 requirements above will greatly assist the users to be able to:

  1. Ability to identify the team in charge of the initial device installation. This will enable the users to easily assign any future fixes or upgrade tasks if required e.g ECNs
  2. Identify any pending ECNs, identify the length the ECNs has been opened and follow-up which teams is assigned to carry out the changes and fixes.
  3. Seamlessly run the device replacement process and later track the details – which serial devices were replaced, and what was the replacement serial device.


Example of the device fix and/or update process:
  1. The user will search for all the installed devices using the serial numbers.
  2. Once found, set ECN details and create tickets for the fixes and/or changes. These tickets will be disseminated to the relevant parties/individuals for further action.
  3. Once the individual has completed the fix, close the ticket.


Example of the device replacement process:
  1. Product A with a serial number of P1234 is not fixable and requires replacement.
  2. The user will search for P1234.
  3. Once P1234 is found, the user will need to update the status to “Retired” and start allocating a new serial number of the new device for the replacement and dispatch it.




WDCi were able to offer up our expert solution starting with:

  1. Setup relevant fields in Asset and use Asset to track installed devices.
  2. Setup a custom page that allows users the ability to search for Assets based on multiple search criteria e.g. Asset serial numbers. The results found can then be selected for Cases creation.
  3. An Apex code is developed to mass create Cases for the found Assets.
  4. Setup a custom page that allows the user to be able to search for Cases and update them to “Closed”.
  5. Setup inventory using the RIO Inventory app – To store serialised devices used for allocation and dispatching.
  6. Setup an automation that handles the replacement process from A-Z. This automation will enable users to start the replacement process from the affected Asset.
  7. On confirmation, the automation will create a zero dollar opportunity (finance team will use this for tracking). The user will then use the RIO Inventory app to allocate a new serial number and dispatch out replacement devices. This will create a new Asset record with the dispatch serial number.
  8. The newly created Asset will be linked to the affected Asset record and the affected Asset record automatically set as “Retired”.


Related Objects Asset, Case, Custom Objects from RIO Inventory App
Components Visualforce, Apex, Flow, Custom Fields, RIO Inventory App
Complexity Medium