WeDid: Custom Bidding Sales Process


This company earns their revenues by providing construction materials and services to their partners and builders. This includes:
  1. Direct sales where builders approach this company directly for materials and services or
  2. Multiple buildersĀ approach this company to get quotes for materials and services to be used as part of a project bidding purpose. This can potentially lead to this company being able to convert sales if the builders win the bid.

Currently, all the information on these sales areĀ being kept in a spreadsheet.

The company does not have an easy way to track these sales. This is concerning particularly on the project bidding use cases, where the users need the ability to track the builders for projects and final winners of bids.



The solution that WDCi group provided to this company was to:

  1. Setup a proper data model to hold both direct sales and bidding sales types using Opportunity.
  2. For the bidding sales, WDCi set up a model to enable the user to store the builders bidding for the project i.e. against the Opportunity.
  3. Setup an automation to update the Opportunity when a builder wins the bidding.
  4. This model will be able to fit into Salesforce forecasting function, where the forecast will be able to capture both direct sales and bidding sales use cases.
Related Objects Opportunity
Components Process Builder, Custom Objects and Fields
Complexity Easy