WeDid: Custom Lead Convert on Related Lists


There are additional information being tracked by the user under leads. These information are stored in custom objects linked against the leads (the lead related list). These additional information are required to be brought over on lead conversion however,  Salesforce out-of-the-box does not convert custom related list.

Sample scenario:

There are booking records created against a lead. When the lead is converted, user will need to see these booking records under the converted record (Person account).



  1. Create lookup fields on the custom object. Lookup fields will be against the lead and against the converted object. In the scenario above apart from the lead lookup, create a lookup to contact.
  2. Build a simple trigger to populate the contact Id into the contact lookup field when the lead is converted OR
  3. Utilize the process builder that does the same as the trigger above


Related Objects Custom object(s)
Components/App Trigger OR Salesforce Process Builder
Complexity Easy