WeDid: Custom Related List Record Creation


The client would like to ensure that every time a project record is created, all the relevant and related default records are automatically created. The related default records created are based on the different types of options selected at the master record (see below).


Option (User selection on the master object) Related List Records (Auto created as related list records)
Option 1 Record 1
Record 2
Record 3
Record 4
Option 2 Record 2
Record 5



Create a custom master object and a custom child object. This will act as the template placeholder.

Create a look up at the project object that looks up to the template (custom master object mentioned above).

User choose the template through the lookup field in project. All the relevant default child records will be created.


Related Objects 1X Custom Object (Master) and 1X Custom Object (Child Object)
Components Data Model Design, Apex Trigger, Apex Classes
Complexity Medium