WeDid: Custom workflow in Salesforce


The customer is a professional property buyers group in Australia. They help their clients to analyse, purchase and manage the properties. As the whole process is tedious and hard to manage (e.g, information gathering, activity tracking, customer meetings and etc), they would like to implement a clean and lean workflow wizard in Salesforce that can help to reduce the manual work.



A custom object is created to act as the workflow stage. In each stage, there will be a list of fields that need to be tracked. A series of Visualforce pages are used to read the workflow stages from the custom object and render the required fields dynamically on the fly. The Visualforce pages also act as the wizard to guide the users through the necessary steps involved in the business flow.

We also use Salesforce Cloud Scheduler and Activity object. This allows users to schedule their meeting with customers and track any other activities.

Related Objects Account
Property (Custom Object)
Settlements (Custom Object)
Loan (Custom Object)
Components Visualforce Page
Apex Class
Workflow Rules
Cloud Scheduler
Complexity High