WeDid: Dynamic Form Field Population


The customer has a huge number of applicants applying for a different range of products everyday.

One application requires one application form and most of the sections in the application form are filled up manually.
The complexity extends to a level where:
  1. Applicant details are filled up into different sections of the form based on different criteria e.g. product type.
  2. The application form will be filled up repeatedly for each different applications even if they are for existing applicants. e.g, Full name with be manually filled up over and over again for new applications for the same applicants.
Normal template generator may not work in this scenario due to the complexity of the customer’s existing Salesforce data model and the complexity of the criteria relevancy.
Customer is looking for a solution that allows them to generate the form with pre-populated values in the relevant sections based on relevant criteria.


  • Generate form with pre-populated values.
  • Pre-populate values into different section of the form based on relevant criteria.

Related Objects Standard/Custom object
Components Apex Trigger
Complexity Complex