WeDid: e-Survey form (iPad compatible)


Filling up physical forms is time-consuming. To add to the pain, users are required to carry out some calculations. They will have to manually calculate any figure related info using an external app or device (e.g. “the calculator”) and fill up the result values into the right column in the form itself. This will clearly open up to a lot of calculation mistakes and data discrepancies in results. Physical forms will have limited info for reporting as well as the linkage between the related info is pretty vague.



We replicate the whole form into Salesforce by creating a custom object that holds the required information. Creating a record in Salesforce now has replaced the need to fill up the physical form manually and the information can be linked to any relevant records (e.g. Account). Filling relevant information can also be done using mobile device e.g. iPad or a tablet.

We have implemented a series of workflows, validation rules and  Apex triggers to do the following:

1. Workflows to populate certain values on form completion.

2. Validation rule ensures certain fields are filled up before completing the forms.

3. Triggers to handle complex calculation logic and alerts.


Related Objects Custom Objects
Components Workflows, Validation rules, Apex Triggers, Apex Classes
Complexity Medium