WeDid: eBay and SmartTurn


eBay listings are published actively on a daily basis. All items listed on eBay are tracked in SmartTurn warehouse inventory. Due to the high selling rate on eBay, the customer had difficulty tracking their inventory plus the inconvenience of logging new sales orders to their warehouse system. 
The re-keying of data between eBay and SmartTurn consumed a lot of operational time.




Purpose Automatically create Sales Order in SmartTurn for every complete listing in eBay.
Warehouse inventory is always up to date even for external sales.
Applications eBay and SmartTurn
Tool eBay connector (in built)
SmartTurn Connector
Mail connector
Information eBay Seller Transaction > SmartTurn Order
Data Formats XML
Volumes < 15 transactions/day
Process When a transaction is paid in eBay, a sales order order is created. The transaction will also be checked for the validity of the item.
Schedule Hourly
Error Handling There will be email notifications to alert:

  1. non-existent items in SmartTurn
  2. successful sales order creation
  3. error in creating a sales order
Complexity Moderate