WeDid: Enterprise Integration Platform Re-architecture


The current utilisation of the EAI production platform was at 80%. The client needed to understand what remaining capacity was available. The in-house development team were facing integration development issues running integrations in parallel. Over the past few months, a considerable amount of manual intervention was being performed by the developer and production support.




Purpose Enable the client to understand the capacity of their current environment.
Eliminate manual intervention by development and support teams.
Design a new enterprise integration platform architecture based on the client integration roadmap.
Deliver knowledge transfer to client team to ensure ongoing best-practice for their future implementations.
Applications AS400 DB2
Mircosoft SQL Server
Custom Web Solution (ASP .Net)
webMethods Integration Platform
Versions AS400 DB2
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
webMethods 6.5 Integration Platform
Tool webmethods JDBC Adapter
webMethods FTP connector
webMethods Web Service
Information Insurance Policy and payment information
Data Formats Flatfile and XML
Volumes 100-10,000 transaction per day
Process The insurance policy data is retrieved, transformed and processed.
The processed data is then uploaded into the AS400 DB2 (core system) via a JDBC Adapter.
After successful load of the data, a status and policy number is updated to the front-end system.
Schedule Real-time & batch invocation.
Complexity Medium