WeDid: Field Verification


The Customer has businesses in different locations, identified as a Subsidiary in Salesforce.

The Opportunities for the different locations are tracked using a custom field to identify each subsidiary.

In Salesforce:

  • Accounts are linked to one Subsidiary
  • Products are linked to one or more Subsidiary

The following criteria is required when the Opportunity stage = ‘Process Opportunity’:

  • Opportunity Account Subsidiary = Opportunity Line Item: Product Subsidiary (the selected product within the Opportunity)
  • The Product must be approved for sale into the Subsidiary for this Account.

Sales reports for products sold in each location based on the account subsidiary will be incorrect if the criteria is not implemented.



  • To automate the verification of the Account Subsidiary and the selected Opportunity Line Item subsidiary when opportunity stage is ‘Shipping Confirmed’.
  • More accurate sales reporting


Related Objects Opportunity
Components Apex Trigger
Complexity Simple