WeDid: Application and Saasu Integration


The customer had a custom application that provided Sales automation, Task & Job management as well as product configuration management. Inventory and Financial management was handled by Saasu. They needed an integration solution that synchronised key information between the systems as well as handling their complex inventory management requirements. The solution was also required to take Saasu Sales and generate Opportunities to provide visibility into sales metrics.



Purpose Deliver a flexible, automated solution to synchronise Product, Contact, Account, Task and Job information. Generate Opportunities from Sales.
Versions Saasu Online Accounting
Tool Salesforce connector and Saasu Connector
Information Contact <> Saasu Contact Custom Object > Saasu Combo Item Contact Task <> Saasu Activity
Saasu Company > Account
Saasu Sales > Custom Object
Saasu Sales > Opportunity
Data Formats XML
Volumes < 3000/day
Process Product management is tracked within whereas the inventory and financial management is handled by Saasu. When sales are created in Saasu, the integration process will ensure that all products are synced to Saasu. As customers are tracked in both systems, the process will also create a customer if ongoing tasks are synced over to Saasu activities to provide task visibilty for users when logged on in either system.
Schedule < 20 days
Error Handling The user can choose to configure the email alert to receive email error notifications
Complexity Complex