WeDid: Handling of bulk invoicing in Salesforce


A recruiting company refers the candidate to their clients daily. Each successful referral, referral fees will be charged the organisation. There are many referral records with different status. This company needs a mechanism to generate an Opportunity on the fly based on all the un-billed referral within the certain time range. The Opportunity can then synchronised into Xero.



In Salesforce, we create a wizard:

  • To search for all unbilled references for a specific organisation in a time range
  • To automatically attach the returned unbilled reference result into a Salesforce opportunity as the line item
  • Install WDCi Salesforce-Xero Sync product


Related Objects Account (Client)
Referral (Custom object)
Components Data Modelling
Salesforce Apex
Salesforce Visualforce Page
Salesforce-Xero Sync
Complexity Medium