WeDid: Implementing Page Wizard


The business organisation runs a Gym service centre. Customers have to pre-book their gym activity in advance so that the classes can be arranged. It uses Salesforce to track the following details:

  • customer health status in a custom object
  • type of classes with health hazard identifier in a custom object
  • schedules for the classes in a custom object that links to the classes

To enroll a member to the class, the Salesperson needs a page view wizard. This page wizard allows one glance view to all the related (parent-child) information needed for enrollment. Without the wizard, it proves difficult for the Salesperson as he needs to switch between object displays to get complete information. And these steps need to be repeated as it involves enrolling a member in many different classes.



  • Page wizard to display all information in a one glance view
  • Saves time for the Salesperson and efficiently enroll members

Related Objects Contact, Custom Object
Components Visualforce Page, Apex Class, Custom Button
Complexity Medium