WeDid: Inventory Reconciliation Report (CSV format)


Client requested for a report to outline the discrepancies between the inventory items between the warehouse management system (SCALE) and the ERP system (Netsuite). Both stock list will be uploaded to FTP server based on the schedule set. And in return, a report in CSV format is require to outline the items’ quantity from both system as well as the variance between the quantity on hand.





Purpose To produce a daily Inventory Reconciliation Report that outline the variance between 2 systems’ item quantity on hand.
Applications FTP
Versions FTP
Tool Dell Boomi Atomsphere
Information SCALE Stock List File (FTP) + Netsuite Stock List File (FTP) > Inventory Reconciliation Report (FTP)
Data Formats Flat File
Volumes ~20000/day
Process Both stock list files are retrieved from the FTP server daily which then they will be processed to generate a csv format reconciliation report.
Schedule Daily
Complexity Low