WeDid: Invoice Generation Engine


This customer works as an Education Institution. They currently target both businesses (B2B) and Individual Marketing (B2C). From their sales, they have categorised their customers into 5 different types.

This customer has been using their existing invoice generation engine in Salesforce for several years now. Their existing invoice generation engine currently isn’t supported for all their sale types because:

  • Each of the sales types has a different trigger point for invoice generation (e.g. Generate invoices manually, scheduled invoice generation, recurring invoice generation, etc)
  • Different attachments are required for invoices with different sales types (e.g. Student list is required for B2B sales but not for B2C sales)

The requirement for WDCi was to find a way to enhance the invoice generation engine to ensure:

  1. Invoice generation is supported for all sales types
  2. Email notification is generated with invoice and allows users to add multiple recipients
  3. High volume processing required for invoice generation



The expert solution that WDCi came up with included:

  • Analysing and reviewing the existing solution
  • Identifying the components to be updated or decommissioned
  • Normalise the complex requirement
  • Develop a new Apex code that will handle invoice generation for all sales types.
Related Objects Existing Custom Objects
Components Apex, Custom Objects and Custom Fields
Complexity Medium