WeDid: Managing Product Software Support for Partners/Customers using Salesforce Customer Service (Sales Service Template) Community

A recent scenario we came across involved a company which is a leading provider of professional digital audio which they distribute the signals over networks. This company has a wide range of products that they resell to their partners including product support services.


The support team within this company was using standard email tools to manage its customer support function.  Already being a Salesforce user, they had a strong desire to streamline their new product services to be within their Salesforce organisation. The service portal in the organisation needed to be expanded to the partners and the end customers. 



We wanted to implement a solution which only changed parts of their process which were necessary.  It was important to spend time working through objects to carefully map out their current process flows. The goal was to deliver a powerful tool easy for the team to adopt. 


Below is a snapshot of the New requirements we were working with:

  • Reply to the support cases from within Salesforce
  • Automatically assign resources to the case based on the type of license sold
  • Enable support teams to search for related Knowledgebase information to assist in servicing the customers’ needs.
  • Execute a pathway for cases that proceed to higher technical levels of attention.

Related Objects:  Case, Account, Contact, Entitlement, KnowledgebaseComponents   Data modelling, Customer Community (Sales Service Template), Entitlement process, Flow, Workflow
Components: Data modelling, Customer Community (Sales Service Template), Entitlement process, Flow, Workflow
Complexity: Medium



With the solution in place, the company can make better decisions in their product roadmap and services based on the data analysis.