WeDid: Mass Update Product Price list


The client would like to run batch updates on the product price lists quarterly. They have multiple price books and different currencies for each product price

For example:

Pricebook A

  • Product Id: AE110-B
  • Product Name: Door Trim (Black)
  • Unit price in AUD: 4,200
  • Unit price in GBD: 1,500
  • Unit price in USD: 4,000

Pricebook B

  • Product Id: AE110-B
  • Product Name: Door Trim (Black)
  • Unit price in AUD: 3,900
  • Unit price in GBD: 1,000
  • Unit price in USD: 3,700



  1. Install an app “Skyvva”.
  2. Build a job the updates the pricebook entries.
  3. Standardise the template used for the update process


Related Objects Product, Pricebook, Pricebook Entry
Components/App Skyvva
Complexity Easy