WeDid: Netsuite and SmartTurn Integration


The user uses SmartTurn (RedPrairie On-Demand Warehouse Management (WMS)) to manage warehouses’ item inventory and Netsuite as the ERP system to manage Sales and Purchasing transaction. Managing the item inventory and transactions manually in both systems by different users may lead to data inconsistency and hassle. 




Purpose To ensure all transaction related to Item Inventory, Sales and Purchase is maintained and synchronized automatically across the company’s ERP system (Netsuite) and Warehouse Management System (SmartTurn)
Applications SmartTurn RedPrairie On-Demand Warehouse Management (WMS)
Versions SmartTurn RedPrairie Online On-Demand Warehouse Management
Netsuite Online
Tool Dell Boomi Atmosphere
Information Netsuite Sales Order > SmartTurn Sales Order
SmartTurn Shipment > Netsuite Item Fulfillment
Netsuite Purchase Order > SmartTurn Purchase Order
SmartTurn Receipt > Netsuite Item Receipt
SmartTurn Item Adjustment > Netsuite Adjustment
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~500/day
Process When a Sales Order is created in Netsuite the same information is synced intoSmartTurn ‘s Sales Order.
And when the associated Sales Order’s product is shipped out (Shipment), the Shipment record is synced and tracked in Netsuite’s Item Fulfillment as well.When a Purchase Order is issued in Netsuite, the record will be synced intoSmartTurn as well. And when the ordered items is received and tracked in SmartTurnas Receipt record, the same information will be synced over to Netsuite as a Item Receipt record.There will be item adjusted (Adjustment) in the SmartTurn system and as such, the same item quantity then needs to be adjusted and maintained across Netsuite (Adjustment) as well.
Schedule 15 minutes
Complexity Moderate