WeDid: Netsuite & FTP Integration


Files are generated from a warehouse management system, with information about incoming and outgoing transactions, and transferred to a FTP server. These transaction files in turn need to be synced to Netsuite system.




Purpose To sync incoming and outgoing transactions from warehouse management system into Netsuite.
Applications Netsuite
FTP (Storage)
Tool Dell Boomi Atmosphere
Information FTP (Receipt) > Netsuite Item Receipt
FTP (TransactionHistory) > Netsuite Inventory Adjustment
FTP (Shipment) > Netsuite Item Fulfillment
Data Formats XML
Volumes ~100/day
Process FTP (Receipt) Create Netsuite Item Receipt
FTP (TransactionHistory) Create Netsuite Inventory Adjustment
FTP (Shipment) Create Netsuite Item Fulfillment
Schedule Every 5 minutes
Complexity Medium